ETRM System Buyers Guide for Energy Traders

Before you commit to buying any ETRM software solution, download this energy trader’s buyers guide and find out what 10 key things you should consider first.

  • Are you struggling to understand your exact trading positions?
  • Has using spreadsheets reached its limit in your growing trading business, where visibility and the consolidation of your trades have become a painstaking process?
  • Is too much time and manpower being spent on manual, redundant processes and inaccurate data fixes throughout the trade cycle?
  • Is risk reporting and “what-if” analysis impossible?

In these tough times there’s no doubt that managing risk within your organization should be a top priority. The costs of failing to manage and control risks are high, but the right Trading and Risk Management system configured in the right way will have a positive impact on profits, reduce cost of capital, reduce business volatility and improve the effectiveness of your trading operations worldwide. Implementing a new ETRM system can be an expensive and time consuming operation so it’s essential to make sure the solution you choose will suit your company’s needs, now and in the future.