About Aspect Enterprise Solutions:
The Leading Global Provider of Cloud E/CTRM &
Market Data Solutions

Aspect Enterprise Solutions is the leading global provider of cloud commodity trade, risk management and market data solutions. We offer the only integrated, ETRM/CTRM and Market Data enterprise with one-password access for users to perform pre-trade analysis and trade, risk and operations management in one system. AspectCTRM can be configured for front, middle and back office professionals and integrated with external solutions.

Why Aspect

Our customers choose us because we’re different than other solutions providers in the commodities trading space. Our differences are improving the bottom line, user experience, and overall performance of our customers. The Aspect Cloud has transformed the way businesses approach, deploy and run an ETRM/CTRM system. It used to be that large IT teams managed expensive traditional software and hardware that was complex to run and maintain. Now Aspect Enterprise Solutions experts focus on the system, while our customers focus on their business.

If you look across our customer base, there are 6 key reasons they choose us. But first, we solve their business challenges with full-featured trade, risk, transport, inventory and financial solutions that are key to managing the lifecycle of a trade from pre-trade market analysis to understanding trade and risk exposure, to managing points across the physical supply chain.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions clients produce, refine, market, ship and trade globally. They rely on our expertise in these key physical and financial markets: Oil, Petrochemicals, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals, Coal, Marine Fuels, Biofuels, LNG, NGL, Natural Gas, and Agriculture/Softs.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions clients enjoy rapid deployment, controlled costs and immediate ROI, and range from small trading houses to global conglomerates.

  • Low Cost
  • Quick Deployment
  • REAL-TIME P&L Positions
  • Risk Controls
  • Real-time Pricing
  • Limited It/Cloud

Our History

2015 Marks the 15-Year Anniversary of Aspect Enterprise Solutions

The idea of deploying software applications via the web using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model began in 1999. That same year, Aspect Enterprise Solutions (then called OILspace) was launched with a vision to harness innovation in technology and provide competitive advantage for energy companies. Aspect Enterprise Solutions’s vision was ahead of its time 15 years ago, as many companies were not ready for change, and in the oil business, change was slower than other sectors. Seven years ago many energy companies we spoke to were still resistant to web-based applications.

Now 100% of the companies we speak to have SaaS applications running somewhere in their company, and many have several solutions running throughout their various departments. OILspace became Aspect Enterprise Solutions in 2009 to mark the company’s expansion into broader commodities markets, including metals, steel, biofuels, coal, agriculture and other commodities.

The Aspect architecture was built from the ground up to support powerful systems for today’s industry professionals that is embraced by trading companies globally. Working together with clients’ IT departments, and those with limited resources, Aspect Enterprise Solutions can quickly deploy solutions with a smart approach to problem solving.

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