Asia-Pacific Clean Products House OiLive Deploys Aspect Enterprise Solutions CTRM Suite To Automate Trading And Hedging

February 28, 2011

Asia-based clean petroleum products trader OiLive has become the latest in its field to deploy AspectCTRM, the Web-delivered trading and risk management solution from Aspect Enterprise Solutions (AES).

OiLive’s Singapore operation focuses on the Asia Pacific region, specializing in naphtha, gasoil, condensate, additives and chemicals and working with partners including the state refinery.

The contract comes after another year of exceptional gains for AES with an increasing number of contracts resulting from traders expressing a preference for AspectCTRM after using it in roles with previous employers.

Confirms OiLive director I S Hwang: “AspectCTRM is a solution that’s reaching critical mass with so many deployments throughout our industry in both the northern and southern hemispheres. We created our trading operation with some very experienced people, all of them with strong networks of contacts and agents, and all of them with previous experience of different trading support solutions. We agreed we wanted a solution that we had used before, and in which we had confidence. For our operation, and clearly for many other trading houses too, AspectCTRM is best of breed and helps us manage bulk information and mark to market profit and loss in a way that minimizes risk.”

A key feature of AspectCTRM for mid-market trading operations is its any-to-many scalability and the way it can be deployed in days. In contrast, legacy systems typically take a year or more to implement and often fail to effectively scale downwards to support smaller trading operations. Even in a large scale fully end-to-end implementation, key elements of AspectCTRM, such as deal capture and risk analysis, can be in place, working and delivering value within a matter of days, with successive additional elements going live as the progress of integration projects allows.

About Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Aspect Enterprise Solutions provides enterprise class market information, trade and decision support tools for energy, metals and commodities professionals. The company delivers real time position keeping, risk management, market prices and intelligence to users virtually anywhere, anytime. Trusted by over 500 corporations in more than 80 countries, the company’s solutions routinely support more than $10Bn of transactions every day. They go live quicker, fit more exactly and deliver greater ROI yet cost far less to implement than first generation offerings.

AES applications include AspectCTRM®, its flagship full-featured commodity trading and risk management enterprise suite for front, middle and back office. Aspect Enterprise Solutions TradeFlo deploys out-of-the box in just a few weeks. This CTRM lite edition is designed for small to mid-size trading, supply and end-user companies with smaller budgets and less complex requirements. As companies grow, and demands for more features expand – it easily scales to meet those requirements. AspectPM is its Price Manager solution which provides consolidation and support for the global oil price forecasting process and forward curve management.

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