Aspect Enterprise Solutions Further Simplifies E/CTRM Software Deployments & Extends Sales Reach Through Channel Partners

July 29, 2014

User organizations embarking on complex commodities trade and risk management (E/CTRM) deployments will soon have access to a network of partners for sales, support and implementation through the new Aspect Enterprise Solutions Partner Program (APP). This one-of-a-kind industry offering is being made possible through an innovative development initiative called AESthetics by leading global Cloud vendor Aspect Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions.

Companies may also choose to do their own configuration work, saving time and tens of thousands of dollars in professional services fees. That’s the aim of AESthetics, to take the complexity out of commodity trade and risk solutions while empowering companies with affordable, efficient and powerful alternatives.

Most CTRM deployments start with a 70% standard solution with the final 30% being customized to each customer’s own practices, procedures, workflows and business processes. This work is typically carried out by vendors’ professional services teams or large consultancies adding significantly to the cost of deployments, and to vendors’ bottom lines. AESthetics is an underlying framework that is built into AspectCTRM to create standardization and tools that make the whole process easier. So, instead of having only very specialist CTRM consultants able to do the work, more consultants can gain access to the Aspect Enterprise Solutions’s tools and platform through the APP, thus reducing industry costs.

“For a long time end user organizations have effectively been held hostage by software vendors who insist on doing the final customization and any continuing work themselves, all at a price. And customers have had no option but to pay up,” says Aspect’s CEO Steve Hughes.

SAP perfected this idea for ERP many years ago. And now Aspect Enterprise Solutions is setting out to do the same for E/CTRM. By pooling strengths in core competencies, best business practices and tools — companies can achieve even greater success through partnering. Aspect Enterprise Solutions’s newly formed sales channel program is unlike anything in the industry. Partners will soon be announced, and new candidates are encouraged to inquire. More information can be found at

Hughes went on to say, “This is just the beginning. We’ve hired a new team in our newly formed partnership division whose job is to identify key companies that meet our strategic partner goals for selling, deploying and supporting CTRM solutions. This group will leverage the lengthy development work we’ve done over the past several years for our AESthetics project, which will allow our deployment partners the ability to learn and deploy our solutions as quickly as we can, in just a few weeks. There’s huge cost efficiency savings in this for end-user companies looking for a solution.”

The AESthetics initiative includes some changes to the code base and underlying architecture of Aspect’s Cloud-delivered, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. But the biggest difference will be the addition of new tools to simplify the whole process of customization and adaptation.

The APP program opens the doors to many more implementation and sales partners of all sizes and in all regions who will now be capable of extending their services and cost savings to companies taking on AspectCTRM, one of the fastest growing trade and risk solutions available.

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