Aspect Enterprise Solutions Partners with Avanade to Help Manage Growth

Aspect Enterprise Solutions VP of Marketing, Brigette Gebhard, spoke at the Avanade 2016 TechSummit about the paradigm shift Aspect Enterprise Solutions has caused toward cloud in the industry, and how Aspect Enterprise Solutions has become an industry disrupter with its leading AspectCTRM solution. This video reveals the importance of Aspect’s alliance with technology specialist Avanade.

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Video Transcription

So my name is Brigette Gebhard from Aspect Enterprise Solutions. I’ve been with Aspect Enterprise Solutions for about 12 years. I run global marketing and I also run AspectDSC, which is our market data and  analytics portal sales globally and a little bit of product management as well.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions offers a trade and risk management solution for commodities-based businesses, they use it to, it’s a global solution so that all traders, their trades are visible on the platform and that management knows what the exposure is on a daily basis. Everything is in real-time and has been since day one and that’s the one thing that our competitors don’t do.

Bringing in Avanade into our organization is a huge change, it represents a transformation in our business. Back in about 2008 when the recession started, our business really began to take off, and over the last year and a half we’ve had record-breaking revenues and we knew that we could not really grow the way we’re expected to grow without bringing in Avanade to help us scale the business.

You know, we really chose to work with Avanade because we were growing so quickly we knew we needed standardized processes and best practices to really take advantage of the opportunities in front of us and Avanade brings us that and a whole lot more, with their technology team and their Q&A and customer driven processes that are so important for our growth.

I think for challenges for Aspect Enterprise Solutions over the next probably a year to 3 years would be in really being able to absorb new companies. Our business plan really is to be acquisition ready, and again, Avanade helps us to create an organization that can do that.

Avanade works with so many customers and so many different types of companies that they have a proven track record. They’ve already done this, they’ve already helped other companies to grow and to provide processes for their teams that we just thought it was a perfect match and in helping us, so I think proven track record and referenceable customers is very important both in our business and in selecting Avanade as a valued partner.