AspectDSC For Commodities Traders

AspectDSC is the leading market data portal used by commodities traders globally, delivered by Aspect Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions. Thanks to the evolution of technology, this cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution was created to help merge data from multiple exchanges and sources with tools to trade and protect small or large trading companies. Watch the video below to learn more about AspectDSC and see why traders need systems to execute and manage trades in this fast paced industry.

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Video Transcription

The world is changing faster than ever before, especially in the world of trading.

Welcome to the future, where the possibilities are endless thanks to technology.
As technology evolves the options for traders multiply with more screens, devices, systems, data, and more choices. Traders need systems to execute trades, manage trades, risk, and supply chain activities. And of course, tools for decision-making, analyzing trends, building curves, and monitoring multiple commodities. But with these advances in technology, shouldn’t your business be less complicated?

Introducing AspectDSC. Now you can unify data from multiple exchanges and data sources with tools to trade and protect your business. You can also integrate seamlessly with any other software environment, and expand your trading desks to any mix-up commodities all under one solution. AspectDSC is used by the largest and the smallest trading companies.

With the Aspect Enterprise Solutions Cloud, the future is here. From day one we’ve been working to create unified workflows and decision-making tools for commodities traders. We are cloud-based, fast and robust solutions giving traders the speed and power to keep that crucial step ahead of the market. AspectDSC decision-making tools are used by commodities traders in hundreds of countries across the globe.

AspectDSC allows you to link your spreadsheets to the market with real-time and historical data integration, including your own proprietary prices and sharp benchmark pricing from a huge variety of different data providers. Unique to AspectDSC, price tables are configurable for multiple datasets from multiple sources: ICE, CME, Platts, and many others, with side-by-side columns for analysis. Easy drag-and-drop functions allow you to customize your screen in minutes, including charts, news, historical, and real-time data.

With AspectDSC you can see where the markets have been to exactly where they’re heading. You can even use your own company’s logo in colors and in multiple languages, including Russian, English, and Chinese. And wherever you go the market comes with you on your mobile. No software to download. Award-winning market data trade and risk management solutions with three trials and affordable monthly subscriptions for all size commodity trading companies.

AspectDSC from Aspect Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions. One platform. One password. One solution.