Give Your Feedback In Industry E/CTRM Vendor Survey

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Written by Brigette Gebhard – Brigette Gebhard has been with Aspect Enterprise Solutions for 10 years and is the VP of Marketing.

The 2016 CTRM Vendor Perception Study is being conducted by leading E/CTRM analyst Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory). This valuable report will be published from research from this survey and other analysis, and will be made available for free download and on-line viewing via the and ComTech Advisory’s website.

The study measures end user and consultant perceptions about ETRM and CTRM vendors including brand awareness and market leadership across a number of commodity categories and capabilities. The research also gathers information about the installed base of the market, and key data on buying habits and criteria among end-users of the software.“The Vendor Perception Study provides tremendous insights into how the CTRM marketplace sees the vendors,” reports Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Managing Partner at ComTech Advisory. ”Brand perceptions are very important and vendors spend significant sums creating brands while the buyers also spend significant sums testing those brand by buying the software.”

The previous version of this report, published in 2014, has been downloaded and viewed on-line more than 1,000 times since its publication and is a widely referenced source document for those seeking new CTRM solutions.