CEOs Discuss The Future of ION Commodities: Video Interview With Energy Risk

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Written by Mimi Lombardo, Digital Marketing Manager at Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Energy Risk recently interviewed Aspect CEO Steve Hughes, TriplePoint CEO Mark Tirschwell, and Openlink CEO Richard Grossi to explore the future of the ION Commodities portfolio. In 2013, ION purchased TriplePoint, followed by Aspect Enterprise Solutions and Openlink in early 2018. ION commodities trade and risk management software portfolio now includes four prominent solutions including AspectCTRM, Openlink Endur, Openlink Rightangle and Triplepoint.

Hughes, Tirschwell and Grossi met with Energy Risk’s Stella Farrington to address common questions the market has about the future of ION Commodities. You can watch the full interview here.


ION’s Multi-Brand Strategy

ION follows a multi-brand strategy, which allows ION to continue offering their individually branded solutions to clients. Each brand has its unique features and customers decide which solution works best for their business.  

ION pursues a multi brand strategy and that’s no different to Fiat owning many different brands of car. Maserati, Jeep even Ferrari, all of those things are cars just like everything we offer is a CTRM or an ETRM solution. Multi-brand strategy means that those things stay as they are and they continue as they are. Obviously, we have to work on positioning those products correctly so buyers can make an informed decision.” – Steve Hughes

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ION Offers A Complete Portfolio of Solutions, Covering All Asset Classes Including Oil, Refined Products, Natural Gas, Power, Coal, LNG, Natural Gas Liquids, Agriculture and Metals

ION has an impressive portfolio of not just commodities software, but capital markets and treasury solutions as well. All ION brands benefit from working together to optimize solutions based on the technology available in the collective ION portfolio. Clients evolve their footprint through sharing functions, services and expertise and expanding ecosystems through integrations to meet custom fit requirements.

“The mindset of taking the best from each of the product solutions doesn’t only pertain to the energy and the commodity space, it moves much further past what we’re doing here and into financial services and treasury.” – Richard Grossi

What ION’s More Than 1200 Commodities Clients Can Expect

ION is focusing on offering the most powerful CTRM and ETRM systems in the market, with choice, breadth and flexibility for clients. Plans are being made to evolve the solutions to push boundaries and set new industry standards.

“When TriplePoint was acquired by ION in 2013 we laid out, in the first month, a vision for the company and the products. It revolved around the customer’s needs, really focused on the customer, evolving the product, evolving the technology and the things we talked about earlier around delivery and things like that. We have a hundred percent delivered on that five years later and our clients have seen, touched all of that and they know that the same principles will apply to Aspect and Openlink.” – Mark Tirschwell

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