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Written by Yags Savania – Yags has been with Aspect Enterprise Solutions for more than 13 years, and is an experienced and professional CTRM professional.

International Petroleum Week (IP Week) is perhaps the largest annual international oil and gas event drawing teams of commodity and energy specialists from around the globe to the streets of London in search of new business relationships, new clients, opportunities with colleagues and partners, and to learn about the industry’s future.

It’s truly a global event with professionals from more than 50 countries converging to find ways to meet the challenges of today’s oil markets amid low oil prices, over supply, warmer-than-normal weather, political changes, and other market-impacting issues.

Days and evenings are packed with breakfast meetings, cocktail parties, industry forums and more.

It’s no different for Aspect Enterprise Solutions next week as we’re preparing to welcome dozens of visitors for our 7th Annual In-Office Meetings during IP Week. If you’re looking for an ETRM or CTRM software solution, register for an appointment to learn how Aspect can help your company manage trade and risk activities with real time P&L and physical and financial support for oil and commodities trading.

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One of the most important factors of economic planning is certainty, which in today’s oil markets doesn’t create a whole lot of comfort for commodity buyers and sellers. The one thing that is certain is that experts don’t agree where the price of oil is going to end up this year, which is why protecting your business from increased risk is more important than ever.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions is able to help clients in a few ways during a market like this.

AspectCTRM is cloud based and offers trading companies the most affordable choice for an ETRM and CTRM software solution. Other solutions require significant capital up front, along with higher fees for maintaining and upgrading the solution. Aspect’s costs are spread out over years, which allows companies to make payments on a system they need and can use today. And upgrades are done over a weekend and enjoyed by all clients. Other solutions require costly, lengthy, migration projects to upgrade solutions.

Aspect also provides full functionality for front, middle and back office teams to share data – along with straight-through-processing of executed trades via the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). This removes the need for additional resources to key in the data throughout the supply chain.

AspectCTRM is still the only solution that provides real time P&L throughout every trading day, and quick, easily customizable, end-of-day reports. It also provides price risk management and hedging support to help protect your business from rising and falling prices.

We hope to see you in London next week. Don’t delay, appointment times will fill up fast. Our office is conveniently located nearby the activities taking place during IP Week.

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