Metals Trade & Risk Reporting: Create Your Own Script

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Written by Justin Howat – Justin is a leading expert for metals trading markets and supports Aspect Enterprise Solutions clients in their trading and risk management activities using AspectCTRM for Metals.

Everyone views the world through their own prism. This is true of commodity traders, depending, on which commodity they’re trading, the company’s size and their commercial strategy.

Looking at metals trading, there is no such thing as “the metals market,” but rather a multitude of distinct markets with their operational and trading specifics, both across the supply chain (raw materials vs refined) and across metal industries (non-ferrous, ferrous, precious, ferro-alloys etc).

So for a CTRM Commodity Trading & Risk Management system to truly cater to metals traders across their organisations, it is a great advantage if on top of “standard” reports, the system can be used to build each team’s own reports quickly, efficiently and in a user-friendly environment, without having to rely on your vendor’s development team for costly customization, or to your own busy internal IT team. Traditionally, this is how users have been able to get customized reports, through costly and sometimes time-consuming development projects. Now, with modern technology like AspectCTRM, there is a Scripting Tool that provides the functionality which has been remarkably powerful for our users.

To learn more about how to get your reports and trade and risk tools quicker, easier and more affordably, see our recent blog by our CTO, and download our Technical White Paper: Configuration Through Scripting here

I joined Aspect Enterprise Solutions nearly two years ago, to drive the growth of AspectCTRM into the metals space, building on the company’s position of strength in the oil marketplace. I’m pleased to say that we have been active in metals, with several new deals by very different trading organisations over the last year or so. Having prepared demos, developed new functionality and assisted with implementations of AspectCTRM in various cross-sections of the metals markets, I (and our clients) have been astonished by the flexibility of AspectCTRM in adapting to the respective functional needs of CEO’s, traders, risk managers, operations managers and financial managers.

Indeed, for many items AspectCTRM users can themselves script new fields, reports or workbenches, which allow them to create a view in AspectCTRM that reflects the specific way they need to understand their trading books and activities such as P&L, positions, operational and financial status, and more. And this without being programmers themselves.

So whether you’re, say, a base metals trader looking to understand how much of you P&L is coming from contractual premia vs LME price movements, or an iron ore risk manager who needs to ensure the cargoes are properly hedged, AspectCTRM is a flexible and configurable solution.

For a demo of AspectCTRM, and to see how Scripting Tools can help create a solution that is entirely configured for your business, request a demo here