How Multi-Tenancy Powers Cloud ETRM / CTRM Solutions

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Posted by Mimi Narikot – Mimi Narikot is a Digital Marketing Manager at Aspect Enterprise Solutions.

The days of educated traders purchasing client-server energy and commodities trading and risk management solutions are long gone. The annual sales growth of cloud based solutions is far outpacing the growth of traditional systems. Trading firms are wising up to the fact that cloud systems provide a significant amount of savings in both time and money.

Smaller trading companies were quick to deploy cloud based CTRM solutions since they couldn’t afford client-server options and were fed up with using spreadsheets with limited capabilities. The cloud offered a way to avoid costly set up fees and implementation processes that required on premise installations. Larger trading firms with traditional ETRM/CTRM solutions began to feel the effect of “end of life” systems that needed constant costly upgrades to run and began to look at cloud-based replacement options.

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Finding A True Cloud CTRM Solution

It might seem simple to compare CTRM solutions, but things get tricky when providers mislabel their products. Unfortunately for trading firms, many companies claim to offer cloud based solutions, but wind up needing to set up costly on premise hardware.

One way to tell if a CTRM provider offers true cloud solutions is to ask if their application is multi-tenanted. The infographic below takes a look at the features and benefits of multi-tenant software architecture.

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