Reasons To Try AspectDSC For Market Data for Commodity Trading

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Written by Brigette Gebhard – Brigette Gebhard has been with Aspect Enterprise Solutions for 10 years and is the VP of Marketing.

“Time is Precious” is an expression that applies to traders more than the average person. As an energy or commodity trader, your daily routine involves making important decisions based on up-to-the second market pricing data, news and historical statistics. There is no time to waste when financial results depend on decisions based on immediate market prices.

With AspectDSC, commodity traders from all over the globe and companies of all sizes can access a wide range of oil prices, metal prices, natural gas prices, agriculture and biofuels prices, bunker market information and more from leading exchanges and news sources through their desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We host our services in state-of-the-art data centers enabling us to offer ultra-low latency for high-speed transactions. With AspectDSC, you can access live, tick-by-tick futures anywhere, anytime.

Check out these links for more information. You’ll be persuaded to take a closer look into why companies rely on AspectDSC to access market data for commodity trading:

4 Reasons To Learn For Yourself Why Leading Companies Rely On AspectDSC

1. It’s affordable for all size companies.

Here are just a few ways to get affordable market data:

  • Starting at $129 per user/month with multi-user discounts, this solution is the least expensive one available on the market for energy and commodity traders.
  • Pay only for what you need, nothing extra — choose your price, analysis and news feeds, and solution that’s right for you, desktop, mobile or wallboard.
  • Fill out this form to receive a no-obligation free trial.

2. AspectDSC has all the tools & features traders need integrated with E/CTRM functionality.

See the PDF file here for a comprehensive list of features, here are just a few:


  • Analyze tick, intraday, daily, weekly and monthly market data using our globally recognized charting package
  • Chart up to 5 instruments on one chart (10 on seasonal charts) to see price correlations for multiple contracts, with a wide range of analytical tools, Bollinger bands, SMA, RSI, etc.

Price Tables With Real Time Futures

  • Live & Delayed prices futures prices
  • ICE, NYMEX, CME, CBOT, Shanghai Futures, COMEX, DME, LME, and Forex data

Aggregated News Sources With Keyword Analysis & Color Coded, Scrolling Headlines

  • News and Live Page Updates with spot prices and analysis from Platts, Dow Jones, Argus, Marine Bunker Exchange, OPIS & BBC
  • Consolidate your news with with multiple feeds in a single stream

Real-Time P&L, Risk, Logistics, Inventory & Back-Office Finances On The Same Platform

  • No other solution provides market data on the same system with E/CTRM
  • Access scenario analysis, risk, position reports, and more along side your market data
  • Ensure your trading business meets industry regulations with proper reporting functions
  • Analyze powerful “do-it-yourself” reporting features for trade portfolios, positions and exposure

3. It’s reliable and customizable.

One-Stop access for market data, trading tools & support. See how integrated tools solve challenges here

  • Market data can be deployed in minutes
  • Easily configurable screens customized by users
  • Publishes propriety prices to your team
  • Upload pricing straight to XML data feeds into Trade & Risk Solutions, including AspectCTRM
  • Regional and global customer care & more

4. It’s mobile and goes where you go.

As the first company to provide market data for commodity trading on mobile devices, we pride ourselves to be a leader in delivering mobile applications for commodity traders.

  • Take the market with you on any mobile or tablet device
  • Access charts and plot intra-day and historical charts
  • Never lose sight of critical commodity news and pricing benchmarks essential for making minute-by-minute decisions including the Platts Window

Download Our AspectDSC Feature Check List Here

Does your current solution cover all of these important features? Find out more with a demo or free trial by clicking here, and our customer support team located throughout the world can assist you in setting up your pre-trade analysis screens to match your needs.