Advanced Scripting Technology Supports Custom CTRM Solutions

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Written by the Aspect Enterprise Solutions Product Management Team.

Did You Know…that Aspect Enterprise Solutions offers clients advanced scripting capabilities in its commodities trade and risk management (CTRM) Cloud software? Aspect’s industry leading scripting functions allow clients to fully customize a unique experience that meets their specific business requirements for buying, selling, moving and storing commodities through the supply chain.

Aspect built its SaaS in the Cloud ETRM / CTRM solution based on common processes and workflows used by most energy and commodity trading companies. Out-of-the-box, the standard edition of AspectCTRM meets the needs for most small and mid-size commodities trading companies with powerful real time functions for exposure, risk, P&L, inventory management, logistics and accounting.  

Many Aspect clients then use scripts to build around the solution and tailor it to meet the specific needs of users, whether it’s for more complex functionality and integration, more detailed reports, or customized workflows, fields and validations. The scripts can be built by Aspect’s team or the client’s IT teams after being trained by Aspect’s software developers and customer care professionals.

This provides tremendous flexibility for clients and users.


How Are Scripts Used?

Scripts allow users to create custom reports in minutes. Client-specific business processes often require new fields for various screens, such as deal screens, where certain types of trades can be identified.

This report was created to determine total demurrage costs. With Aspect’s scripting functionality, custom reports can be created in under an hour.

Accurate and timely reports are crucial to running a profitable trading business. Aspect offers 4-level OLAP reporting which allows users to fully modify the data in their reports. Custom reports can be created based on inventory, receipts and delivery, storage, shipments, logistics, reconciliations, actualization losses and more.

Custom fields are used to create tailored workbenches, UI screens, and reports. Fields can be specifically made for certain trade types or they can be universally used for all trades or items in the system. There are various types of custom fields supported including string, number, checkbox, drop down, and calculated value. Users can also define complex scripting expressions inside custom fields.


The AESthetics Architecture

AspectCTRM was built on a configurable, flexible architecture called AESthetics, which powers swift implementation of custom fields, validations and workbenches for workflows. AESthetics allows users to create a customized environment by taking a standard AspectCTRM deployment and tailoring it to meet the company’s needs. Aspect’s scripting technology is easy to work with, and a fully customized portal can be implemented in just a few weeks.


Create Libraries for Managing & Storing Scripts

Aspect’s Project Management tool offers comprehensive audit and import/export capabilities to easily manage all customized functions in your system.

In a recent release, Aspect extended custom field functionality by establishing a reusable Script Library that supports the creation of custom functions in addition to custom fields. These functions can access and set native and custom properties for the object they are defined for. Custom functions follow the following syntax:


function abs (number n) {
    if (n<0) -n else n

Once fields are established in the system, they can be pulled in for workbenches, webservices and custom reports. Aspect clients are working on massive scripting projects, with hundreds of reports that contain custom fields. To help our clients maintain these large projects, we introduced a suite of project management tools that provide users with:

  • The ability to move all types of scripting elements between test and production environments.
  • Auditing for all scripting entities, with the ability to see line level code differences.
  • The ability to form self-contained functional patches, containing a set of reports, fields and validations in one upload.


Introducing The Script Profiler

The new Script Profiler tool was just released in AspectCTRM 18.2. This function includes a button added to the user’s screen that allows Aspect developers and support professionals to identify bottlenecks and performance issues around scripted functions in client portals. The tool is designed to be run for individual reports, which often contain sophisticated logic inside each cell. The Script Profiler identifies inefficient code within report fields by measuring calculation time per function. By opening a tree structure with time taken by each custom function and field execution, developers are able to indicate where issues lie in custom reports. The Script Profiler works in tandem with Script Libraries, allowing companies to easily manage their customized solutions, while absorbing new releases instantly across all client portals. 

With AspectCTRM, trading firms get exactly what their business needs out of a CTRM system. Aspect’s trade and risk management solution has never been more easily customized. Discover how your company can benefit from a unique user experience, and user-defined configurability in AspectCTRM.