AspectCTRM for Bunker Trading

Managing trading and risk, and reducing fuel costs for shippers is essential for survival. The high cost of alternative fuels, together with price volatility and the need to maintain product quality, stability and availability all pose challenges that have a direct impact on profitability. AspectCTRM delivers the visibility and specialized tools for bunker traders throughout the trade process that are crucial for measuring and optimizing processes for the best possible margins.

Product Summary

AspectCTRM provides bunker trading businesses with a solution underpinning the entire trading lifecycle. This includes modules for Trade Management, Risk Management, Financial Operations & Physical Operations. AspectCTRM for Bunker Trading is ready out-of-the-box with front, middle and back office functionality. It takes only days to configure your portal and start managing trade activity.

  • Manage bunker sales
  • Monitor consolidated risk management
  • Capture and report profitability on multi-product spot and term bunker deals, from contract through to settlement
  • Allocate cargo purchases, sales, internal movements and outturn adjustments by location
  • Report credit risks associated with new and existing customers
  • Report key performance indicators and metrics

This screen shows a simple multi-commodity trade spot order for marine diesel and fuel oil from Singapore. From order entry to settlement this trade is tracked through the system for shared information with your front and back-office teams.

What's in Your Tank?
The Value's in the Visibility.

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Knowing exactly what stock is held in multiple tanks in ports across the world, together with product value, title and specifications, is critical to the profitability of a bunker supplier. Visibility of what’s available for sale or transfer is crucial for credit reporting and for the banks to understand who you’re doing business with. AspectCTRM inventory capabilities provide a real strength and competitive advantage in a market where spreadsheets have long been the norm for managing trades, and have created blind spots in the supply chain. AspectCTRM helps you understand profits and losses and exposure in real time against changing inventories.

Other Systems are Too Complex, Expensive, and Not Focused on Bunkering

Expensive traditional energy trading and risk systems are often too broad and complex to cater to bunker trading requirements. We’ve built a specific trading and risk module for the unique trading scenarios of bunker trades. AspectCTRM for Bunkering combines all the required core functionality required for trading together with ultra-fast speed of implementation, and a scalability that makes it cost-effective for small operations right up to the heavyweights that dominate the world’s bunkering hubs.


Real-time and historical data and charting tools integrated with energy trading and risk management systems provide instant access to bunker markets and your trades.

Integrated Oil and Bunker Fuels Pricing Data

Most AspectCTRM customers also subscribe to our AspectDSC Market Data & Analytics solution. AspectDSC delivers charting tools and futures and spot prices from leading sources like Bunkerworld, Marine Bunker Fuel Exchange (MABUX), NYMEX, ICE, Platts, Dow Jones, CBOT, LME and others. This provides a seamless transfer of market prices used to validate trades and update position.

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