Aspect’s Commodity Data Application Seamlessly Integrates with AspectCTRM

The AspectCTRM suite captures physical and financial transactions performing straight-through-processing (STP) execution through to settlement and invoicing. It supports best practices in business processes for decision making across each step of the transaction life cycle with real-time commodity data.

Access Commodity Data, Trading Tools & Support On Mobile & Desktop

AspectCTRM’s Market Data module provides pre-trade decision support tools and real-time and historical commodity data from leading exchanges and market sources. Its integrated with AspectCTRM, and also available as a standalone market data app used by thousands of traders globally as AspectDSC. Enjoy 24/5 global support, and simplify the way you and your company manage and leverage futures, news, data, trade, risk and operations on mobile, tablets and desktop. Aggregate and analyze commodity data sources from one place and upload your company’s proprietary prices for distribution to your users. Easily integrate your commodity information with AspectCTRM for seamless data management, trade capture and risk analysis. Only AspectCTRM includes market data and pre-trade analytics on the same platform.

With our servers using ultra-low latency feeds, you see the market as it happens with no lag. Enjoy speed that is crucial in keeping up with commodity markets and the reliability of our synchronized fall-over disaster recovery solutions.

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My Aspect Enterprise Solutions – One Password Access

Aspect customers enjoy the ease-of-use, convenience, and timely advantages with one password-access for seamless transfer of market prices to validate trades and update positions. With the push of a button prices are uploaded from the commodity data app to AspectCTRM throughout the trading day. Many companies are manually updating this information which causes errors, especially when pricing corrections are issued. AspectCTRM also integrates with external market intelligence providers, but the advantages of linking AspectDSC to trades as the pricing intelligence of record are unparalleled.

Choose the commodity focused edition you need, such as Oil, Metals or Agriculture – or mix the editions for multi-commodity trading data. Or click here to choose the services you need ranging from Desktop, Mobile, Wallboard and Data Services.

Using Real-Time Commodity Market Data to Make Trading Decisions

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