AspectDSC Offers Real Time Commodity Prices and News

AspectDSC is the first web-based solution, and leading SaaS in the cloud provider of market data and analytics for energy and commodity traders.

Powerful Commodity Data Tools and Features

AspectDSC is the first web-based solution, and leading SaaS in the cloud provider of market data and analytics for energy and commodity traders. Log into AspectDSC on desktop, tablet or mobile device from anywhere with Internet access. The AspectDSC workspace is flexible and intuitive – it is simple and straight forward to customize. Track real time and historical commodity prices and news, as well as proprietary data.

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Real Time News

Select Scrolling or Fixed Page news from industry leading sources: Dow Jones, BBC Monitoring, Bunkerworld, Platts, OPIS and Platts. From stacking headline news, click on headline to open content in a new window. With flexible, easy news filtering you can select several news sources by content provider or keyword and display headlines together in one window and the simple keyword search allows you to see only the desired news content. You are able to customize look and feel of news delivery including panel size, font, color and background and set news alerts.

Real Time Forex

Select panels of live currency and precious metals pricing from Forex.

News and Live Page Updates from Platts, Dow Jones, BBC, Bunkerworld and More

Our news package consolidates all feeds into a single stream and can also incorporate custom news channels to create an intra- company news feed directly into the traders. Flexible, easy filters allow you to search news by page number and keyword to swiftly find the information that’s important to you. Customize your views with color-coded headlines by commodity, date or other criteria. Follow live trading windows on Platts on your desktop or mobile.

Advanced Charting

Analyze tick, intraday, daily, weekly and monthly market data using our globally recognized charting package with all the functionality you need to stay at the forefront of market activity and identify risks, trends and profitable opportunities ahead of competitors. Chart up to 5 instruments on one chart (10 on seasonal charts) to see price correlations for multiple contracts, with a wide range of analytical tools, Bollinger bands, SMA, RSI, etc. Flexible displays and color schemes allow you to build user-friendly charts. Instantly chart live ticks, spreads, cracks and arbs and access all historical and end-of-day data from the exchanges, Platts and Argus. Set your chart to trigger alerts when prices hit a specific threshold.

Historical Price Reader

The Historical Price Reader Tool allows you to draw from more than 18 years of historical pricing from Platts, Argus, CME, ICE, and FOREX. With easy market symbol look up and the ability to select nearby or specific contract information, you can quick-charge your seasonality analysis, stress test your forward curve and empower your spot, pricing, contract and indices decisions. Use this powerful feature to streamline prices into your back office with no re-keying necessary.

Real-Time Data (RTD) and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Links

Integrate live and end-of-day prices into Microsoft Excel to automatically refresh trading formulas and strategies and pull end-of-day prices for settlement and invoicing. Traders have a choice of RTD or DDE technology. RTD is a newer more robust application for advanced Excel use. Integrate real-time commodity prices and news into your daily workflow. Combine real time and historical information, create customized price alerts and monitor market movements with live updates. Commodity Traders use these tools to identify arbitrage opportunities in the market, create real-time price alerts and maximize trading efficiency. RTD and DDE are the ultimate tools for configuring perfectly tailored spreadsheets that keep you one step ahead of the market.

  • Real-time futures and foreign exchange prices can be displayed in Excel as individual worksheets
  • The link is live so that prices in Excel continue to update in-sync with the futures prices on your AspectDSC page
  • Prices available: Last, Change, Spread, Bid, Ask, Low, High, Settle & Volume
  • Creating new spreadsheets is easy with drag and drop features, or via import from our Historical Price Reader

Price Tables and Real-Time Futures Panels

What’s most important to our users is either live or delayed prices, and we provide both. Our futures panels provide fixed pages for each product on the ICE, NYMEX, CME, CBOT, COMEX, DME, LME, and Forex data. Our Price Table is a fully customizable panel that allows you to see only the prices you want, consolidated in one place and can combine live, delayed and end-of-day data. It’s easy to change column positions, add or remove data, and change font sizes to emphasize data critical to trading. Also set up multiple price tables on the same page for convenient access.

Time and Sales View

Get a trader’s live view into the depth of a market in real time. Users can watch trades going through live as well as live bids and offers on any month and any product, this includes back months and traded spread, and crack quotes.

Bulletin Board

The AspectDSC Bulletin Board service is an encrypted, secure instant messaging application that allows colleagues to share information internally. Importantly our Bulletin Board keeps a record of all internal communications providing an important history in the event of miscommunication. Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many. Instant message internally and with brokers and counter parties. Analysts can share daily market recaps and analysis with products trading teams, market news can be shared with the entire company in an instant, and colleagues can be alerted immediately of contracts and trades.

News Publisher

Publish news to users within your company through a custom channel. Your news appears as a headline in the standard news feed alongside Dow Jones and Platts and can be filtered into a separate page for all company news. This can also be used to distribute files across an organization such as market reports or proprietary pricing.