AspectCTRM Physical Operations Module

The AspectCTRM suite captures physical and financial transactions performing straight-through-processing (STP) execution through to settlement and invoicing. It supports best practices in business processes for decision making across each step of the transaction life cycle with powerful reporting functions.

AspectCTRM Physical Operations

The greatest pains and potential gains for most companies are in the distribution of products from origination to downstream distribution points. Capturing just a few cents throughout this complex process can add up to millions of dollars in improved margin. AspectCTRM’s Physical Operations Module gives your team powerful functions to track and optimize transportation activities and opportunities throughout the supply chain. It gives your schedulers and operations personnel the tools needed to effectively keep product moving, visible and balanced for the optimum profit.

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AspectCTRM Physical Operations Features

To fully understand profits, losses and risk exposure, it’s important for trading companies to have accurate physical trading data, including movements and inventory changes.

Shipments Workbench: Plan Shipments in Just 15 Seconds

AspectCTRM’s Shipment Workbench makes managing shipments simple. The system is configured to user preferences and assumptions, and allows Operators to plan, schedule and actualize movements within a few clicks. Users can even store the relevant documents (BLs, Q88s, etc.) in AspectCTRM while working through the process. Aspect Enterprise Solutions Business Consultants find that new clients “Do not want to leave their spreadsheets, initially, then after using AspectCTRM to plan shipments, they love it.”

Operators have one screen for all shipment activity for creating new shipments and viewing existing shipment activity by sea, land and pipeline. The workbench is one simple view showing the Operator what has been done, what is being done, and what is yet to be done. AspectCTRM can email alerts to users for various tasks, such as when a new trade is due for movement or a shipment is due to complete.

In just a few clicks – Shipments, Logistics and Inventory views give Operators control of the supply chain with visibility of exposure and how associated costs impact P&L such as inspections, recharges, transfers, inventory loss, etc.

Rail Car Operations Support

The Shipments Workbench includes identification of mode of transport, transport and inspection nominations, pipeline nominations, events capture and management, issues and resolutions recording, demurrage calculation. It also includes Rail Car Operations Support:

  • Aspect Enterprise Solutions has customers with requirements to track railcar activities at a granular level, and on an individual railcar basis. AspectCTRM is flexible and can capture all data on each railcar, and also associated costs detail. It allows users to allocate any number of cars of a train to one contract. For example, Aspect Enterprise Solutions customers purchase contracts on the arrival at destination. This means the user can automatically trigger the pricing of a deal at multiple settlement prices based on predefined rules. Other systems cannot perform these actions, and are not this flexible.
  • AspectCTRM answers the market’s needs for railcar support, and features include critical planning and scheduling tools to track: Crude oil volumes in transit, loading and discharge quantities, scheduling and sorting for FIFO mapping; and the capability to calculate and valuate transport losses. Railcar delivery registry uploads and cargo deliveries are all managed in the same system, and not in several spreadsheets where major errors occur.

Workflow Support for Logistics and Delivery

The physical delivery Aspect Enterprise Solutions of trading commodities and energy plays a significant role in an E/CTRM system. There are various unique geographical and product constraints and considerations with the delivery of different commodities. Natural gas is delivered via pipelines and storage facilities; coal via shipping, rail and road; crude oil via pipelines, shipping and rail depending on the geography, and so on. Optimization of the process is critical for the profitability of the trade.

AspectCTRM supports Schedulers in review of current supply/demand positions and imbalances by commodity, delivery/supply point and time period. By grouping and filtering trades by location and displaying supply against demand, AspectCTRM assists with netting decisions, which reduces delivery risk. Notes can be captured and documents uploaded throughout the lifetime of a trade. Because AspectCTRM is a web-based system, this can be done anytime and anywhere by authorized users with access to a web browser. For physical deliveries, all actualized volumes and costs are captured, and appropriate trade metrics (ie. escalated or de-escalated pricing) are automatically adjusted.

Inventory Workbench

Includes planning and actualization of movements into, out of, and between storage locations, stock and ullage projections, blending operations, stock reconciliations, stock valuation tracking, cost allocations.

Delivering Best Practices for Operational Risk

  • Positions and exposures by location
  • Traded quantities available for Schedulers upon entry
  • Document and action checklists
  • Hard copy documents uploaded directly to AspectCTRM trades, secondary cost, etc.
  • Recording of actualizations by trade or sub-trade (parcel)
  • Estimating and recording associated operational costs
  • Recording of title dates, with custom reporting to report stock under ownership
  • Limit reporting and notifications at trader and counterparty levels

Flexible Configuration

Every client is different. AspectCTRM provides a powerful set of tools and reports ‘out-of-the-box’ to get your business up and running quickly. If your requirements do not fit our tools, no problem – underpinning our system are powerful customization tools which allow us to adapt the system to fit your business. From complex and unique reporting requirements, to time saving bulk-entry workbenches, to custom uploaders to reduce data entry and duplicated work, AspectCTRM is fully configurable in just a few weeks.

Solution Benefits

  • Leverage powerful reporting capabilities
  • Gain real-time inventory control against changing positions and balances for exchanges, storage and in-transit volumes
  • Close the gap between estimates and actuals as you remove chronic transport problems
  • Monitor and plan safe inventory levels to increase stock and product utilization and drive down storage costs
  • Map parcels explicitly using flexible, custom mapping functionality giving you complete control of where you actualize your P&L
  • Track inventory flows in real-time and historically to understand optimum storage levels and accurately forecast requirements
  • Calculate and manage blending in physical movements
  • Synchronize plans with accurate inventory data to determine the best financial option for product sales and distribution
  • Re-forecast demand to maximize transport opportunities and minimize delivery risk
  • Customize screens, set security limits on data, and view workflow and audit trails

The Cloud & The Importance of Physical Operations in Oil

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