Eminent Energy Case Study Download

Eminent Energy Case Study Download

Cypriot-based Eminent Energy predominantly trades crude oil and oil products in the CIS, Africa, Middle East and South America. The company has ambitious growth plans to expand its marketing, distribution and storage amid world market expectations for a one third increase in demand for energy over the next 25 years.

To help position for growth, Eminent intends to expand its core trade and risk management systems too, having replaced an inflexible and earlier legacy solution with Aspect’s Software-as-a-Service AspectCTRM which readily supports any-to-many scalability.

Eminent Energy ripped out its previous legacy CTRM system and is replacing it with AspectCTRM, ending at a stroke its dependence on an out-dated and hard-to-maintain legacy platform and laying a foundation for future growth. The new Aspect Enterprise Solutions deployment will reenergize Eminent Energy’s profit and loss, and risk management, and will also integrate easily with its existing Sun accounts system.

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