Orka Case Study Download

Orka Case Study Download

Swiss trading firm Orka, founded in 2013, is best known for the buying, selling, storing, processing, blending and shipping of biodiesel and waste oils in the US, European and Asian markets. With strong environmental credentials, Orka specializes in transforming waste oils and residues into marketable and sustainable biofuels which it sells throughout Europe.

A more recent and increasing area of focus for Orka is the growing world market for aluminum, zinc and other base metals as lightweight, high strength alternatives to steel that offer potentially better performance and fuel efficiency, particularly in the aviation and automobile sectors.

Fully deployed within just one week, initially for the biofuels part of Orka’s business, AspectCTRM was a hit with the company’s traders who were able to use it almost immediately. It met all of Orka’s key requirements. Following its initial deploying of AspectCTRM for biofuels, Orka upgraded for support of its metals trading business.

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