AspectCTRM for Fuel Marketers

Many Fuel Marketers are challenged with managing multiple spreadsheets with physical trades in one sheet, operational data in another, and paper hedges in yet another. This juggling act of managing truck loads, terminal locations, pipeline movement and trading activity creates a lack of transparency and inability to accurately consolidate various data points which creates serious operational risks and costly mistakes. AspectCTRM brings it all into one view.

Product Summary

AspectCTRM is the only web-based trade, risk and operations management solution. Fuel Marketers can now benefit from this leading professional system with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage streams of trading, transport activity, and invoicing from bulk distributors in Africa, to petroleum marketers in the U.S. and Europe.

Key Functionality For Fuel Marketers
  • Deal Capture
  • Trading P&L
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Analysis & Reporting
  • Hedging
  • Wholesale Scheduling
  • Pipeline Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Price & Credit Risk Credit
  • Broker Statement Reconciliation
  • Invoicing
  • RINS
  • Gasoline/Ethanol Blending
  • Cash Allocation
  • Audit Trail
  • Bulk Purchases
  • Tank & Truck Transfer


Get a Handle on
Market Activity


AspectCTRM can be as simple or sophisticated as your fuel marketing business requires with integration to your Retail/Transport Systems or automated data uploads via Excel exports from your Retail/Transport System. Data flows in either direction. but key is that there is one entry point, which ensures your data is accurate and mistakes are not created through double-entry.

Monitor & Execute Activities on Any Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop

AspectCTRM provides a quick and accurate view into your daily operations. Smartphone and tablet users see the same data as traditional desktop users. This details view shows all trades, costs, inventories and movements along with profits, losses and MTM.

Futures & Curves

Forward prices are required for pricing cargos and shipments, inventory and MTM valuation. AspectCTRM is on the same platform as AspectDSC for automated price uploads. Support is also provided for manual entry, Microsoft Excel uploads and interfaces with third-party price providers. This view on a smart phone can show your futures prices, basis, forward curves or any pricing criteria.


Tracking in-transit inventory activity and valuation is a key responsibility for fuel marketers moving product. This In-transit shipments view is a quick online report that gives schedules and inventory updates on deliveries in progress.

aspect-fuel-marketers-screen-MTM-sm   aspect-fuel-marketers-screen-Futures-Curves-sm

Integrated Oil Pricing Data

Most AspectCTRM customers also subscribe to our AspectDSC Market Data & Analytics solution. AspectDSC delivers charting tools and futures and spot prices from leading sources like Bunkerworld, Marine Bunker Fuel Exchange (MABUX), NYMEX, ICE, Platts, Dow Jones, Argus, CBOT, LME and others. This provides a seamless transfer of market prices used to validate trades and update positions.

Learn more about AspectDSC

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