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Keep up with the latest metals prices and news with AspectDSC, which offers real-time and delayed exchange data. Access a wide range of pre-configured live Spreads, Cracks and Arbs. AspectDSC also offers arbitrage cracks along with tradable spread quotes that exchanges provide as standard. Level 2 data can be viewed with bids, offers and trades, which can be charted and searched historically. XML feeds are available and can be integrated into your market data strategy. Leverage sophisticated advanced charting tools and the Historical Price Reader for tracking and forecasting trends. Prices are not limited to what is listed on this page.

News sources are accessible within the portal with keyword page search functionality. Customize your metals prices and news feeds by color-coding and organizing collapsible headlines by product type, date and other criteria.

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Composite Metals

  • Metals 3M Composite
  • Metals Official Composite
  • Metals Ring Composite
  • Metals Unofficial Composite
  • Metals Volume
  • Metals Warehouse Stocks (MT)

Metals Level 2

  • Aluminium 3M Select Level 2
  • Aluminium Alloy 3M Select Level 2
  • Copper 3M Select Level 2
  • Lead 3M Select Level 2
  • Metals 3M Select Level 2 Composite
  • NASAAC 3M Select Level 2
  • Nickel 3M Select Level 2
  • Tin 3M Select Level 2


  • Steel 3M Composite
  • Steel Billets 3M Select Level 2
  • Steel Billets Broker Forward
  • Steel Official Composite
  • Steel Unofficial Composite
  • Steel Volume
  • Steel Warehouse Stocks (MT)

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Delivering actionable news, analysis and data for metals market participants, including online service Dow Jones Plus. Get scrolling news, trusted indices, and end-of-day reports from a global market leader. Dow Jones Metalswire features All Base Metals prices and news and Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Lead, Steel and Minor Metals. Dow Jones also delivers extensive Financial news, Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange data, and Treasury and Bank news.

Dow Jones Commodities User Guide (PDF)

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  • NYMEX Uranium
  • NYMEX Palladium & Globex
  • NYMEX Platinum & Globex


  • COMEX Copper & Globex
  • COMEX Gold & Globex
  • COMEX Silver & Globex
  • COMEX Aluminum Midwest
  • COMEX Globex Aluminum

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Shanghai Futures Exchange, SHFE, is a leading exchange that currently includes 12 futures contracts available for trading: futures on gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, steel rebar, steel wire rod, fuel oil, natural rubber, bitumen and hot rolled coil.

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Argus provides essential reading for participants in the daily iron ore, coking coal, metallurgical coke and ferrous scrap markets, offering leading independent prices and commentary as well as extensive market-moving news.

Key features of Argus Steel Feedstocks include:

  • Daily prices from physical international iron ore, coking coal and ferrous scrap markets
  • Weekly prices covering the seaborne iron ore lump market
  • Weekly prices covering the seaborne metallurgical coke market
  • Latest news, issues and developments in the international steel feedstock markets
  • Freight rates
  • Market appropriate methodology

Key prices include:

  • International Coking coal prices including premium hard coking coal, fob Australia and fob Hampton Roads (low vol) indices used as a basis of physical and paper transactions in North America and in Asia.
  • International Iron Ore including 62% Fe iron ore fines cfr Qingdao (ICX™)used as a basis for physical transactions in the Asia-Pacific market
  • International Metallurgical coke prices including 62 CSR and 65 CSR met coke fob north China
  • International Ferrous Scrap prices including HMS 1 / 2 (80:20) cfr Turkey, A3 cif Marmara 3 and A3 fob CIS Black Sea

Argus Pricing & News Services (PDF)

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The Platts Steel & Raw Materials package is comprised of over 850 ferrous prices including:

  • Iron ore (includes Platts IODEX and TSI 62% Fe iron ore prices – widely-accepted by both the financial and physical communities in the settlement of contracts)
  • Steel products (rebar, billet, HRC/CRC etc) by region: Asia, EMEA and Americas
  • Ferrous scrap – includes shredded delivered Midwest US, HMS, A3 – US domestic, Turkish and Indian imports
  • Ferroalloys including ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferromolybdenum, ferrosilicon, ferrovanadium and many more
  • Metallurgical coal
  • Steel/ferrous metals spreads
  • LME ferrous
  • Non-Platts ferrous
  • Foreign Exchange data including FOREX rates

The Metals Market Data package includes all of the above prices as well as over 1000 prices for:

  • Major metals including aluminum and copper and all other base metals
  • Light metals including magnesium and titanium
  • Minor metals such as mercury and indium
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum
  • LME non-ferrous metals
  • Non-Platts non-ferrous data including COMEX rates

Platts Metals Alert (PDF)

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Access real-time and historical foreign exchange rates. Chart FX rates, access in Historical Price Reader, download to Excel and leverage via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

Symbols Include: GBP/USD Spot, USD/CAD Spot, GBP/CHF Spot, AUD/JPY Spot, CHF/JPYSpot, EUR/AUD Spot EUR/CHF Spot, EUR/GBP Spot, EUR/JPY Spot, EUR/RUB Spot, EUR/USD Spot, GBP/JPY Spot, USD/AUD Spot, USD/CHF Spot, USD/JPY Spot, USD/RUB Spot, Gold Spot, Silver Spot, Platinum Spot, Palladium Spot