Aspect Enterprise Solutions’s Real Cloud Vs. Fake Cloud CTRM Software

Not all solutions called “Cloud” are true “Cloud Solutions”. Older software companies are blurring the lines between “Hosted” and “Cloud” and simply adding the word “Cloud” to their same old products without the benefits. This educational video explains the differences between Real Cloud and Fake Cloud Aps, and the benefits of Real Cloud. AspectCTRM is a Real Cloud solution.

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Video Transcription

Not all solutions called cloud are true cloud solutions. Older software companies are blurring the lines between hosted and cloud and simply adding the word cloud to their same old products without the benefits because older software companies are losing customers to real cloud solutions like AspectCTRM which was built from the ground up for the cloud to meet the complex demands of today’s fast paced trading companies.

AspectCTRM delivers truly web-based energy and commodity trade risk operations and financial management tools online with powerful real-time performance on any device. Hosted, not cloud solutions, they put a shiny new front end on their software that won’t perform the way real cloud apps do. Real cloud apps are fast to deploy, affordable, configurable, subscription-based, easy to integrate with your systems and other cloud solutions, and they’re upgraded instantly across all users in one hit.

So buyer beware and take a look under the hood. To be real cloud it must be multi-tenanted. This means that everyone using the software is using a single version of the latest release and updates occur at night or over a weekend without interruption. With real cloud the data is strategically duplicated for backup and recovery. It was running the farm – not that kind of farm – the servers. Fake cloud runs on servers outside your organization at the vendor’s place or at a third-party hosting site. Someone upgrades your copy of the app and you pay for vendor hosting and the time spent upgrading your version. This makes your software less accessible than when you managed it and you gain no benefits. It’s more cost, worry and slower response time when problems occur.

Don’t be fooled by fake CTRM cloud providers, real cloud wins every time. AspectCTRM for the cloud is the fastest-growing energy and commodity trade and risk management solution in the world. There’s a reason for that – savvy buyers. Contact us for more information at