Schneider Electric And Aspect Enterprise Solutions Partnering In E/CTRM

A Schneider Electric executive explains why Aspect’s commodity trade and risk management solution is a perfect match for their strategic plans. Discover why Schneider Electric is a member company in the Aspect Enterprise Solutions Partner Program (APP).

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Video Transcription

Schneider Electric is a global company headquartered in Paris, France that delivers solutions, systems, and software for energy efficiency, business performance, and sustainability; three key values that are critical in today’s marketplace.

We have solutions and vital content that help our customers understand, quantify, and manage market risk. I think having a clear view of the supply chain with no blind spots around say inventory management or transportation are essential. By having this clear view, our customers can make smarter buying and selling decisions, and thereby increase profits and reduce risk. With volatility in today’s markets and geopolitical tensions around the world, it is essential for enterprises to have a proactive risk management strategy.

Aspect Enterprise Solutions CTRM is one of the best solutions in the business for managing risk. It allows for real-time P&L in cash flow tracking, which most other systems cannot do today. With our trading tools and Aspect Enterprise Solutions CTRM, a company can get a clear view of their P&L changing as product moves through the supply chain. Any segment in any company that has exposure to market risk is a candidate for these solutions, that can be food and beverage, oil and gas, refined products, transportation, and utilities.

I think it comes down to two things. Number one, an external view. A clear picture of the global markets and what’s driving those markets. And secondly, a very strong internal view of an enterprise’s overall positions in portfolio. For our field marketer customers, for example, it’s essential to be able to manage that risk from the rack all the way to the retail location. Many of those customers in the field marketing supply chain are faced with trying to manage physical trades on one spreadsheet, operational data on another, and paper hedges on yet another spreadsheet.

Today’s markets move very rapidly. Many of our competitors are only able to offer a view of the P&L, or the overall risk position on an end of day basis. With Aspect Enterprise Solutions CTRM, since they’re able to process hundreds of thousands of trades in an instant, our customers can get a real-time view of their overall position and a good feel for the risk in that position at any time of the day.

It was really the technology that Aspect Enterprise Solutions brought to the table, with their web-based solution and highly templated implementation approach, our customers are able to implement that solution and start generating a positive ROI in a matter weeks or months rather than years with more traditional systems.

So combining Aspect Enterprise Solutions’s expertise in developing solutions and leading technology with Schneider Electric’s dominant market position in agriculture and refined fuel supply chains, we have a very powerful partnership and a strong go to market strategy.