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Exchange prices are available in real-time and delayed. Access a wide range of pre-configured live Spreads, Cracks and Arbs. Also provided are arbitrage cracks along with tradable spread quotes that exchanges provide as standard. Create your own as well. Level 2 data can be viewed with bids, offers and trades. They can be charted and searched historically. XML feeds are available and can be integrated into your market data strategy. Leverage sophisticated Advanced Charting tools and the Historical Price Reader for tracking and forecasting trends. Prices are not limited to what is listed on this page.

News sources are accessible within the portal with keyword page search functionality. Customize your news and pricing feeds by color-coding and organizing collapsible headlines by product type, date and other criteria.

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ICE delivers ICE UK Base Electricity, ICE UK Peak Electricity

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Access real-time and historical foreign exchange rates. Chart FX rates, access in Historical Price Reader, download to Excel and leverage via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

Symbols Include: GBP/USD Spot, USD/CAD Spot, GBP/CHF Spot, AUD/JPY Spot, CHF/JPYSpot, EUR/AUD Spot EUR/CHF Spot, EUR/GBP Spot, EUR/JPY Spot, EUR/RUB Spot, EUR/USD Spot, GBP/JPY Spot, USD/AUD Spot, USD/CHF Spot, USD/JPY Spot, USD/RUB Spot, Gold Spot, Silver Spot, Platinum Spot, Palladium Spot

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Platts Market Data includes end-of-day assessments, corrections, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database. Complete and custom historical data sets also are available. Access Megawatt Daily and view over 200 daily on-peak and off-peak ISO and Platts prices – each with marginal heat rates based on Platts gas pricing. Nuclear price assessments also available.

Platts Electricity Alert (PDF)

Platts European Power Alert (PDF)

  • Carbon – Assessments for the main allowances markets
  • Exchange prices – Nord Pool, EEX, APX and other exchange-traded prices
  • Forwards Forward and spot assessments for the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Czech and Polish (monthly) markets
  • Platts PEP, Conti and PPI indexes
  • Spark Spreads
  • Sulfur/Nitrous Oxides (SOX and NOX) – Assessments for the main allowances markets[/one_third]


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Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for European, North America, Latin America and Russian power markets. Argus includes European Electricity coverage for daily over-the-counter (OTC) power price assessments, commentary as well as extensive market-moving news. Argus assessments are shown for physically delivered forward contracts for all markets except Spain, which trades financially settled contracts.

Argus Pricing & News Services (PDF)

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Delivering actionable news, analysis and data for energy market participants, including online service Dow Jones Plus. Get scrolling news, trusted indices, and end-of-day reports from a global market leader. Dow Jones also provides coverage in Russian Language, and AspectDSC can also be deployed to for your viewing in Russian. Dow Jones delivers extensive Financial news, Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange data, and Treasury and Bank news.

Dow Jones Energy User Guide (PDF)

Global electric power and gas coverage includes, outages, electricity statistics, forward and day-ahead prices and Indices in the U.S. and North America, including:

  • Belgian Power Index
  • FPI French Power Index
  • GPI German Power Index
  • PIE England Power Index
  • SWEP Swiss Electricity Price Index
  • California-Oregon Border (COB)
  • Cinergy
  • Four Corners
  • Mead/Marketplace
  • Mid-Columbia
  • NP 15 (North Path)
  • Palo Verde
  • SP 15 (South Path)
  • S. Electricity Price Indexes