Training: Get the Most Out of AspectCTRM with Aspect
Academy Training Courses

Aspect Enterprise Solutions's training courses are designed to help new clients kick-start effective adoption of AspectCTRM, and for more advanced users to get the most out of the system. Be sure to send new users to Aspect Academy to get them quickly up to speed and for access to our knowledge base of user guides, FAQs, Webcasts and other training materials.

Maximize the Usage of Your CTRM System with
Aspect Academy

Instructor-Led Training

Classroom training on-site or at one of our offices is executed by a certified instructor. End-of-module exams are available to ensure the user has grasped the content. For clients who have custom developed functionality, bespoke training is also available.

Training Modules

Front Office

  • Understand AspectCTRM fundamentals and system navigation
  • Customize your profile with personal settings
  • Learn how to capture physical deals, understand parcel management and capture paper trades
  • Capture deal-related and standalone costs. Analyze costs using dedicated reports
  • Analyze MtM positions
  • Monitor real-time P&L using dedicated reports from price capture to advanced P&L reports
  • Track historical P&L snapshots utilizing end-of-day procedures which also produce daily and monthly P&L change results
  • Set up security and manage system administration

Back Office

  • Learn about financial control and planning
  • Manage receipt and payment of invoices
  • Validate and confirm settlement records
  • Configure counterparty credit risk

What If

  • Learn how to create scenarios to analyze P&L based on different pricing rules
  • Set up scenarios to determine if trade is more profitable being bought/sold in a different location
  • Create scenarios to change parameters of a single trade to see impact on P&L and exposure

Template Management

  • Create templates to support faster physical trade and cost entry for standard contracts
  • Manage template accessibility and administration

Bespoke Custom Reports and Basic Scripting

  • Learn how to create bespoke reports for exporting to external systems
  • Create custom reports for management
  • Learn how to use scripting to import data from spread sheets directly into Aspect

Advanced Risk Management

  • Configure VaR risk parameters and learn how to manage VaR related reports
  • Learn about pricing groups
  • Learn how to capture option deals and manage interest rates and volatility surfaces
  • Manage option P&L and exposure using dedicated reports

Advanced OLAP

  • Learn how to configure views to analyze P&L, Position, Pricing, Greeks, Quantity or any combination of measures
  • Bookmark reports for personal or shared access

Trader P&L Report

  • Enable traders and deals desk personnel with this dedicated P&L report to discuss trading strategies and P&L movements
  • Bookmark reports for personal or shared access

Physical Operations

  • Learn how to define physical inventories and mange contract information and rental costs
  • Plan receipt and dispatch of product in and out of inventory
  • Analyze stock and capacity projections
  • Manage inter-tank movements and actualize supply and demand
  • Run inventory valuation reports and produce other storage reports
  • Create and track shipments
  • Create net-outs and book-outs