AESthetics: Game-Changing Technology Transforms E/CTRM Implementation

Aspect Enterprise Solutions is taking the complexity out of E/CTRM implementation and customization through its ground-breaking AESthetics architecture. Aspect has built a fully scalable, configurable, standardized, multi-commodity platform. It’s deployed to all Aspect customers, and extends to indirect channels via its Aspect Partner Program (APP). Partners are able to sell, integrate, deploy, build and train in connection with Aspect’s Platform.


AESthetics is the underlying architecture powering AspectCTRM that provides Aspect Enterprise Solutions customers with many of the benefits and powerful tools they enjoy today. Aspect Enterprise Solutions has taken common business practices and workflows and created a standardized and flexible environment that allows users to configure their solution to fit their business using the AESthetics scripting engine in AspectCTRM.

AESthetics scripting tools create swift implementation of custom fields, validations and workbenches for specific workflows. This enables a rapid customization environment that can take a standard Aspect Enterprise Solutions deployment and produce a configuration tailored to a client’s business within a few weeks.

Through configuration rather than costly development, companies are able to quickly access an application personalized to their business. Customers enjoy a “MyAspect” experience, which is unique to their company.

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AESthetics scripting tools allow users to match client
business processes. Users create custom:

  • Reports
  • Integrations
  • Email Notifications
  • Permission Schemes
  • Workbenches for Shipping,
    Inventory and Bookouts.

AESthetics Enables Powerful Customization for Users and Partners

“This is just the beginning. We’ve hired a new team in our newly formed partnership division whose job is to identify key companies that meet our strategic partner goals for selling, deploying and supporting AspectCTRM solutions. This group will leverage the lengthy development work we’ve done over the past several years for our AESthetics project, which will allow our deployment partners the ability to learn, configure and deploy our solutions as quickly as we can, in just a few weeks. There’s huge cost efficiency savings in this.”

Steve Hughes
President & CEO
Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Advanced Reporting

AspectCTRM’s 4-Level OLAP reporting is one of the most advanced in the industry. Most system providers provide only two levels of reporting. Aspect Reports range from standard to the most advanced bespoke user-configured reports, which are not possible in other systems via the user. We can meet even the most complex requirements.

Level 1 Standard Reports: Users can configure which columns they want to see in their reports.

Level 2 OLAP: A reporting framework which allows user to slice and dice data vertically and horizontally to create hundreds of reports and views of data.

Level 3 OLAP Advanced: A further advanced version of OLAP framework.

Level 4 Custom Reports: A user can create reports of their choice and design using Aspect scripting language. Bespoke reports ranging from simple to highly complicated can be created very quickly by the user, which is not possible in other systems. This is due to our Aesthetics initiatives which relates to our underlying architecture.