Everything Under the Sun Is Yours in the Aspect Cloud

Demand for professional, low cost services and software has spurred the growth of cloud companies in business applications. Aspect Enterprise Solutions is ahead of industry vendors with more than 487 customers and thousands of users in 86 countries accessing Aspect solutions on the web. Companies of all sizes are enjoying the benefits, while traditional software vendors try to catch up.

Commodity Trading in the Cloud — Manage Trades Anywhere, Anytime

The cloud leverages Internet-based computing where shared services, resources and software are provided on-demand. It creates a standardized, repeatable way to scale IT services and solutions, which helps us deliver to thousands of users and keep our costs down for the customer. As a trading firm, you can focus on your core business and not worry about how to implement, maintain and receive the services you need. Amazon is probably the most universally known company leveraging the power of the cloud selling millions of products and services over the web in a secure environment.

Today’s IT professionals are being asked to manage more information, and deliver that information to their users, with ever increasing quality of service, in a timely manner. And in today’s economic climate, IT is additionally tasked with reducing budgets and deriving greater value out of their existing investments. With Aspect’s solutions, cost is greatly reduced so that capital expenditure can be converted to operational expenditure. Aspect clients can also save significantly on IT support, as the solutions are managed by our expert team of engineers with contracted support agreements that deliver expected, controlled costs and results.

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Traditional Software Delivery vs. Aspect SaaS in the Cloud

Traditional Software Delivery
  • Traditional Business Applications from companies like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP & Other Commodities Vendors.
  • Clients need data center, server racks, server farms, networks, storage, bandwidth, high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Servers and digital storage devices take up space.
  • Software is developed, tested and deployed.
  • Software is installed, configured and run.
  • Your IT staff is paid to maintain it, instead of develop other projects.
  • One version forced to fit any company, results in paying for much more functionality than required.
  • Available only on the desktop the software is installed on.
  • Upgrades are disruptive with new software to test and install.
  • No Grid Computing.
  • Costly, risky
  • Deploys in months to years
Aspect SaaS In The Cloud
  • Companies like SalesForce.com, Amazon, Google and Aspect Enterprise Solutions.
  • Clients need a password to log onto the Internet.
  • No physical space needed.
  • No additional development, testing or deployment needed.
  • Depending on the complexity of requirements, data is migrated, reports are configured.
  • Our expert engineers manage everything.
  • One version, configured specifically with features/functionality needed so user pays only for what’s used.
  • Available with secure password from anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection.
  • Upgrades are seamless, non-disruptive, released in the background.
  • Increased processing power when used with Grid Computing which leverages the entire network’s processing power.
  • Lower-priced, multi-user subscription pricing, no-risk.
  • Deploys in days to a few weeks.

Cloud Delivers Collaboration

Collaboration with colleagues is greatly increased through the cloud, as you’re able to create groups to share more information and work more productively. Make changes to documents that can be shared with staff. Notifications are easily sent when information is updated, removing the challenges that come with duplication. Sharing information in a system dramatically reduces email traffic and creates a needed audit trail of trade data. You can also more easily collaborate with customers. Contract confirmations can be shared electronically, scheduling can be optimized, invoicing and payments can be transmitted, etc.


Did You Know Cloud Computing Is Environmentally Friendly?

  • According to surveys, most computer systems have CPU utilization of approx. 10%. This means that computers are doing nothing while consuming electricity 90% of the time
  • Cloud Computing allows sharing of the same hardware resources between multiple customers and reach 80% – 90% utilization
  • 10 computers in A Cloud typically do the same job as 90 computers in client-server environments
  • Users of Cloud Computing have a much lower carbon footprint than their colleagues stuck with older client-server software