Three Deals herald Aspect Enterprise Solutions’ SaaS ETRM Move Into Bunkering

March 17, 2010

Three deals with bunkering specialists – one in Europe and two in the Far East – have followed quickly the release by Aspect Enterprise Solutions (AES) of a specialised version of its software as a service (SaaS) trade and risk management solution.

AspectETRM for Bunkering is a development of the flagship AspectETRM offering, already the fastest-growing next-generation solution globally for downstream traders and buyers of petrochemicals and other commodities. It combines all the required core functionality required for bunkering, together with ultra-fast speed of implementation – typically weeks not months. The solution’s scalability makes it cost-effective for small operations right up to the heavyweights that dominate the world’s bunkering hubs.

AES’ any-to-many scalability results from its SaaS foundation that means bunkering operations don’t need to install and maintain special software or IT hardware. Users simply but securely access AspectETRM for Bunkering through a standard desktop or mobile browser. The architecture enables key elements of a fully end-to-end solution including fuel procurement capture, derivative-based risk hedging, and back office accounting to be in place and delivering savings within a matter of days, with additional elements going live as the progress of integration projects allows.

“Bunkering operations have a rich choice of contending ETRM solutions so we think it’s highly significant that AspectETRM for Bunkering has won three major deals even before we formally launched the product,” says AES CEO Steve Hughes. One is a relatively modest sized trader and one is a major global player where we are delivering 120 AspectETRM seats and partnering with in-house IT and other external suppliers in a complex integration project.

“These two customers are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of size, yet their reasons for going with AspectETRM for Bunkering are the same – speed of implementation and affordability. The deals are yet another demonstration of the power of the business case that results from our unique technology.”

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